Golf In Maldives

The Maldives are not best known for Golf however when the opportunity to visit my friend and fellow PGA Professional Stuart Howieson arose I thought it was an opportunity that I could not refuse.  Kuredu Island Resort hosts a six hole pitch and putt, driving range & short game facilities.  The longest hole on the course was the 1st; roughly 70 yards so you would think it would be a pretty easy test of golf…wrong.  Its artificial greens made it near impossible to keep the ball on the green.  Once on the green the speed could only be compared to that of Augusta National, making any putt daunting to say the least.  However three lads who made the course look simple were Stuart’s assistants…Ivan, Seve & Monty.

These lads had not been brought up around golf; they had been playing golf for less than three years.  They had learnt golf by watching tour players on TV, help from the Island PGA Professional and learning themselves through trial and error.  They all had great technical ability, skill and temperament.  They even owned their own copy of the “Rules of Golf 2012-2015” so there was no getting the upper hand on them during stroke play and match play competitions (I joke).  Their enthusiasm for golf was great to see and their interactions with customers were second to none.

With this in mind it would be fantastic to see these lads at some point go through the PGA Training programme.  Golf is not a huge sport in the Maldives, mostly because of the lack of land and warm climate making it hard to play throughout the day.  However having seen firsthand the attitude and ability of Ivan, Seve & Montyit would be brilliant if someone was to sponsor them through their PGA Training programme.  For the six holes to be shooting between 16 and 19 shots (-2 to +1) consistently proves they have the ability to go far.  The way they managed to keep the ball on the green off the tee, chipped stone dead from around the greens and holed putts like Tiger with his eyes closed was a pleasure to see.


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