A Golf Ball Has No Eyes

One of my problems when I was a junior golfer was trying to perfect my golf swing. I had a visualisation of what the “perfect swing” should look like and my goal was to achieve this “perfect swing”. I used as much of the latest technology that I could, broke my swing down frame by frame and worked on getting into the correct positions in each frame.

Simple fact of the matter was I did not once give thought to the ball flight. I was under the presumption (believe it or not) that if I worked on perfecting my swing a good ball flight would come from it. Over the last several years, educating myself I learnt that in fact their is no general “perfect swing” and that every golfer is physically different – just watch all the different swings on the PGA Tour & European Tour. With this in mind the “perfect swing” I was looking for simply was not beneficial to me.

I came to the conclusion that despite my obsession with my swing, the golf ball really had no care for it. The ball certainly was not watching my swing thinking that’s a technically good swing, I will now fly straight towards the target. Do not get me wrong, obviously set-up, the swing etc. is very important to obtaining the desired ball flight but to just work on set up and the swing without giving thought to the ball flight is incorrect.

A golf ball has no eyes…it can only react to the physics that you impart on it at impact. Everyone is different and maybe those generalised magazine articles that discuss acheiving certain positions in the golf swing is not beneficial to you. So make sure you visit your local PGA Professional who will work on your swing, with the goal of obtaining your desired ball flight.

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