What is Bounce?

“What is bounce” is a question that we get asked weekly here at Deeside Golf Club.

Bounce is the angle created between the trailing edge and the leading edge of a golf club.  You will notice from the picture above that the rear of the sole sits lower than the leading edge resulting in the leading edge sitting proud of the surface.

So what does this mean? 

It is amazing how many golfers I see that try and get under the ball with their wedge shots in an attempt to get the ball airborne.  This golfer tends to position the ball towards their left foot with their weight predominately on their right foot (for a right handed golfer) and tries to scoop under the ball using their wrists.  This often results in a thin type golf shot where the leading edge makes contact with the equator of the golf ball.

Bounce is our friend and stops the leading edge from digging into the ground and allows the club to glide through the sand/grass with ease.  So if the wedge is going to resist digging into the turf/sand because of bounce, then you should be able to hit with the desired descending strike without fear of the club getting stuck in the ground.

So what bounce is right for me Graeme?

For those of you who play golf courses with firm surfaces or have a shallow angle of attack I would recommend a low bounce wedge.  For those of you who play golf courses with soft surfaces/sand or have a steep angle of attack I would recommend a high bounce wedge.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask me in the professional shop or see your local PGA Professional.


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