Stop Bananas!! 

Is your ball curving an uncontrollable amount through the air? Missing the target by a considerable amount? Your 7 iron or driver going different distances each shot? 

The reason for this is simple…the difference between the club path and face angle at impact is too large as shown above. 

You might swing the club dramatically left (-9.9) as shown by one of our juniors Trackman data above with the club face pointing right (+3.6) of the target at impact causing a banana shape ball flight left to right (spin axis +25.1) finishing 79.3 feet right of the target. If this is you we must get your club path to face angle reduced. 

A simple and effective way for a slicer to reduce the face to path is to firstly adjust your alignment right of the target (e.g. right side of fairway/green). Then close your club face prior to gripping the club so it points left of your alignment (right side of fairway/green). After that simply swing naturally and the curve in your ball flight will be reduced, your miss will be less and you’ll have better distance control. 

The below diagram is the same junior during the same lesson. By following the simple advice above his club path is now right of the target (+5.1) with the club face pointing slightly left of the club path but right of the target at impact (+2.1). This caused a right to left ball flight (spin axis -2.4) with the ball finishing 16.7 feet right of the target. You’ll also notice how much further this junior hit the ball averaging 50 yards extra with his driver.

Good luck! As always if you wish to work on this in more detail using Trackman please contact me in the Professional Shop at Deeside Golf Club.


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