Enjoy Golf


Surely everyone wants to finish a round of golf feeling some sort of enjoyment and accomplishment.  You certainly do not want to finish your round of golf feeling frustrated and annoyed to the extent of preventing you from playing the next week.

I’m starting to see more and more golfers have this desperate desire to play golf courses from the back Championship tees.  These tees are designed to challenge the longest hitters in golf, not your average 12 handicap, 220 yard club member.  There are times I will turn up to courses with no interest in playing off the back tees… they are simply too long for me.

I think it is important for golfers to play from tees that suit their length.  The following information will hopefully make you think about whether you play off the middle tees or even forward tees.  Go on and try it… you might find you enjoy it!!

To give you an idea I hit my driver on average 270 yards, I have a club head speed with a driver of 106mph. I hit my 5 iron 190 yards max.  Keeping this information in mind the maximum length of course I should be playing is circa 6840 yards. The formula used for this is your 5 iron length multiplied by 36.  I also found the following chart which gives very similar data.  16729228_10208543108991941_8949797672071763510_nThe average male club member will have a club head speed with a driver of circa 85-90 mph where I would expect to see the ball travel about 220 yards.  I would also anticipate that the average male member would hit their 5 iron 160 yards.  Looking at the above data this would suggest your average male club member should be playing a course 5400-5700 yards. If you also work out 5 iron distance (160 yards average) multiplied by 36 equals 5760 yards. I bet your average male club member would squirm at the thought of playing any course under 6000 yards.

The average lady club member will have a club head speed with their driver of 60 mph with an average driving distance of no more than 150 yards.   I would also suggest that the average lady member hits their 5 iron no more than 100 yards.  Keeping this information in mind the length of course your average lady member should be playing is between 3600 yards and 4000 yards (100*36 equals 3600 yards & chart above 3836 yards).  It is also important to remember that the average Ladies European Tour course is 6300 yards where the ladies are hitting their drives over 100 yards further than your average lady club member.

Feel free to watch this fantastic video by Mark Crossfield on ways to help you enjoy your golf.  Next time you go and play… take notice of the above information and try it.  You might just find that you leave the course feeling happier.


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