Chipping Nightmares


Don’t tell me, you get up near the green in regulation then it’s nightmare time… 4 or 5 more shots to finish the hole because you can’t get a simple chip shot onto the green. The ball either moves a couple inches forward or disappears into the horizon and over the green.

Please get your concentration away from the ball and more on how the club head is interacting with the ground. Those shots that move no more than a couple feet is because your striking the ground before the ball… probably taking a divot. Those balls that disappear over the back of the green the club won’t be making contact with the ground.

To improve either of these issues swing the club head low back then through the impact zone attempt to gently brush the grass with your club without removing any turf. Utilising this process of focusing more on how the club is interacting with the ground over what the club and ball is doing will greatly improve your chances of getting on the green in one shot.

If you wish me to analyse your chipping in more detail including set up please contact me in the Professional Shop at Deeside Golf Club.


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