Welcome to 21

I’ve had the website now for almost 8 years and have sadly infrequently made the most of it other than the odd blog post.

For those of you that have visited my website you will notice it’s had a small facelift in time for 2021. One of my goals for 21 will be to utilise this blog more frequently discussing various topics within the world of golf. If anyone wishes to contribute please feel free to get in touch.

2020 has been at best a shoddy year for the majority of us. One of the very few positive lights has been the impact Covid19 has had on the golf industry. With golf being a socially distant outdoor sport with many health benefits the industry has seen record playing numbers (despite zero golf in April & May and restricted golf throughout June). We made up for that at Deeside in November by quadrupling our average playing statistics. Even as I write this post on a sub zero Decembers midweek day we have over 150 people due to play our course. This is some feat considering it only gets light at 8.30 and is dark by 15.30 (at best).

As we close 2020 I just want to thank everyone for their continued support… here’s hoping for a better 21. Happy New Year!

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