Deeside Juniors

We are extremely fortunate to have one of the most thriving junior sections in Scotland at Deeside Golf Club.  I am a huge proponent of junior golf and must confess the most rewarding aspect of my job is witnessing kids fall in love with the game whilst improving their golf.

Below is the benefits we offer to juniors at Deeside Golf Club.  Hopefully we’ll see you (or your child) at Deeside soon.


Golf Courses:
We have two courses at Deeside Golf Club.  The Haughton is an 18 hole course for those juniors with a handicap over 18.  The Blairs course is a shorter 9 hole course which is excellent for younger juniors, those with a handicap over 18 or for those just taking up the game.


We have weekly Saturday competitions during the summer season (Apr-Oct) on the Haughton (14.30) and Blairs (13.30).  We also have monthly Junior Girls 9 Hole Stablefords to try and encourage the girls to get together more frequently.  During the summer holidays we also have competitions on Mondays & Thursdays (times TBA).  In the Winter (Oct-Mar) we have a weekly Sunday eclectic competition on the Haughton Course (10.00).


Throughout the summer season we run a development coaching group for those kids aged 9-14 with a handicap over 24.  In the winter season we run pennant coaching for the elite juniors and also a development group with handicaps over 18.  Juniors tend to be selected based on their commitment to the game (how often they play & practice). We also run camps during the summer holidays for higher handicap/no handicap juniors.  One to one lessons are also available which benefit the development to pennant level of junior.


Every season we will take the pennant team juniors away to another club for a day of coaching and pennant format golf.


Fun Events:
Every season we have an adult/junior event on the Blairs course for the younger juniors plus we have an adult Vs junior match for the older juniors at the end of the season.  The junior girls also meet up three or four times a year for coaching, 6 holes of golf followed by drinks & snacks.


Tokens for the driving range at Deeside Golf Club are free so no excuses for not practicing.  We also have world class short game facilities so the kids can improve their chipping/putting or play a variety of fun competitions against each other.  The juniors also like to watch a variety of sporting events in the club house including football, rugby and obviously golf.


We enter two teams into the Aberdeen & District Junior Pennant League.  This gives the opportunity for our lower handicap juniors to represent the Golf Club.  Deeside have won the Pennant League three times in the last 10 years.

Duke of Edinburgh:
A number of our juniors use Golf as a skill/activity towards their Duke of Edinburgh which we are more than happy to support.

The adult membership at Deeside is hugely supportive of our junior section and regularly keep an eye out for your scores and results.  You would be surprised how many of our adult members know the names of those juniors that play more frequently and dedicate themselves to their golf.  Our membership has professionals from all aspects of business and life and are more than happy to give advice or point our juniors in the correct direction when it comes to their future goals, employment opportunities and career advice.

It must be noted that the above cannot be achieved without the support of our junior convener Ian McPherson.  We have had superb conveners during my time at the golf club which is why our junior section continues to grow and develop.  However it is also you the parent that makes this possible.  Without you bringing your son/daughter to the club every week and supporting their development as a person and golfer none of the above would be possible, so thank you.