GNGolf Seminars

February 2019 saw the launch of ‘GNGolf Podcast Seminars’ which was a three part seminar series on ‘Ball Flight & Impact Factors’, ‘Course Strategy’ and ‘Distance: How to Hit it Further’.

These seminars are designed for amateur golfers to learn like the Professionals and improve their knowledge on golf related subjects to improve their game.

The first ‘podcast seminar’ is on ‘Ball Flight & Impact Factors’.  This is the foundation of golf coaching.  It is what golf coaches are analysing before giving any feedback on what aspects of your swing/game to change.  If you the golfer can understand the ball flight and what factors cause these ball flights this will be a game changer in improving your game.

The second ‘podcast seminar’ is on ‘Course Strategy’.  Here we will look at ways of improving your score from a stratgey perspective.  I’ll explain ways in which the best in the world are analysing their games.  We will look at ways of approaching your golf taking examples from Deeside Golf Club so that you do not throw away shots every round.  By simply improving your average score on each hole by 0.3 shots (e.g. instead of an average 4.8 on a hole, you average 4.5) can save you 5.4 shots per round.

The last in this ‘Podcast Seminar’ series is ‘Distance… How To Hit It Further’. We’ve all heard the saying drive for show putt for dough. Stats from the PGA Tour are indicating that distance is becoming a key element to better golf. If you can add 10 yards to your drive, you’ll be hitting a 7 iron into the green instead of a 6 iron for example. Statistics prove that you will hit a 7 iron closer to the target than a 6 iron on average thus giving you a shorter putt. The shorter the putt the greater percentage chance of holeing your putt. I will look at 7 different methods to hit the ball further. Combining all 7 methods will drastically improve your distance thus scoring.

The GNGolf Podcast Seminars can be subscribed to and watched on Skillest by clicking HERE. You will need to create a Skillest account and download the app (all very safe). Between 14th February and 1st April there is 20% discount and your chance to win a series of six lessons at Deeside Golf Club.