Group Coaching

Want to ‘Improve Your Game’ whilst having fun and meeting new people? Please find below the Group Coaching opportunities I offer at Deeside Golf Club. Please also see below for ‘The Rota’, a selction of in depth clinics for better golf.

If you wish to attend any of the below or wish to attend one of the below options as a group/corporate please use the ‘Contact Us’ form below.


I offer junior coaching to kids aged between 9-15 during term time and in the holidays. We’ll work on a mixture of short & long game whilst having lots of fun and games.


Sign up to my ‘Ladies Social Golf’! Several weeks of social fun including games on the driving range/short game followed by a fun format of golf on the Blairs Course.

SuperSpeed Golf Training

SuperSpeed Golf uses the concept of overspeed training to increase club speed, and consequently distance. Overspeed training works to increase the neuromuscular reaction speed of a known motor program by reducing the load during a movement, allowing the body to move faster than normal. #BeLikeBryson


Sign up to my ‘Senior Shenanigans’! Several weeks of social fun including games on the driving range/short game followed by a fun format of golf on the Blairs Course.

Is there an area of your game that desperately needs improved? Want to tame that slice or get the ball on the green with a simple chip shot? Maybe you’re a lady that loses shots around the green or someone that wants to improve their game on the course?

Welcome to ‘The Rota’! Every couple weeks I will be hosting one of these two hour clinics at Deeside. Each clinic will have a maximum of 5 people and will delve into each area in detail to dramatically improve this area of your game on completion of your clinic. For further information on each clinic see below or to register an interest fill in the contact form below or see Graeme in the Professional Shop.

Anti Slice Clinic

Do you curve the ball off the planet? Want to straighten out your ball flight for lower scores? In this clinic you will learn why you slice the ball, get before & after data from Trackman whilst coming away with set-up & technical changes that will straighen your ball flight.

Ladies Short Game Clinic

Are you one of those ladies that throws away shots from around the green? Does it take you two if not three shots to get out a bunker or maybe you three putt EVERY hole. In this clinic we will focus on putting, chipping & bunkers to give you every opportunity to reduce the number of shots you take from around the green.

Chip ‘N Yips’ Clinic

Struggle to hit the green with a wedge because of thins & chunks? Want to stop using a putter from 50 yards? In this clinic you will learn why you you struggle around the greens whilst understand set-up & swing changes that will help to strike the ball in a way that your next shot will be a gimmie.

On Course Strategy

Throwing away shots on the course due to silly decisions? Want to learn how to play the course effectively to lower your scores? In this clinic you will learn how to play nine holes, what clubs you should be using and where your aimpoint should be on every shot. At the end of the session you will recieve a complimentary strategy booklet.

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