Rolling Back the Ball

It’s a hot topic of discussion right now.

Did you know that Bryson DeChambeau (and some of his colleagues on the PGA Tour) are hitting it circa 310 yards on average? This has lead to a number of commentators suggest that it is time to limit the distance of the ball.

There’s the argument that because the best players in the world are hitting it further, courses have to be longer (?) which has multiple environment issues. Due to this the only answer to some seems to be rolling back the ball.

Surely we should be congratulating manufacturers for creating such advanced equipment that conforms to the rules of golf instead of trying to penalise them. Surely we should be congratulating the longest hitters on tour for getting into such peak physical shape and keeping the ball on the fairway.

Bryson DeChambeau hitting 200mph ball speed.

I’m completely against the idea of rolling back the ball. I think we should be embracing players who are knocking on the 185mph ball speed door instead of trying to hinder them. If these guys then proceed to win with a score of thirty under par then so be it. The thought of us all using limited distance balls (I doubt it would happen) makes me shudder as most of us could do with an extra ten (fifty) yards off the tee.

Hopefully the golfing authorities will knock this idea on the head and look to enhance the game instead of hindering it.