I am a big advocate of setting goals whether it is personal or sporting/golfing related.

Now that we have welcomed in 2021 it’s time to write down some of your own.

Some examples of goals that you could set are as follows: to achieve a specific handicap index; to improve an area of your game; to win a competition; to play a couple bucket list courses.

To achieve the above ‘long term’ goals you’ll need to set some short & medium term goals. Whilst it may sound silly you are not going to be able to just turn up to a ‘bucket list’ course. There’s a process which will involve setting a potential date (short term) and completing the booking process (medium term) before you can achieve that long term goal of playing your dream golf course.

I want you all to write down two long term golfing goals for 2021 (feel free to share them with me). For each long term goal I want you to write a short and medium term goal to help you get to this final destination.

My two goals for 2021 are as follows:

1) To naturally fade the golf ball on the golf course. To get to this final destination I will need to practice more frequently, once a week (short term) and get my club path on Trackman to between -1.5 and -3 consistently (medium).

2) Improve my strokes gained putting performance. To achieve this I will need to identify and implement changes to my set-up (short term) and complete a number of target based drills to improve the launch direction of my putts (medium).

Whether it’s to improve your handicap index, win tournaments, have fun or increase your distance let’s work together in 2021 to achieve these goals.

Good luck!